Expert Tips on this Valentines Day to have a Healthy Relationship

A man must be a gentleman, he must treat his lady properly. Without respect there is no love, no friendship… nothing.   In my opinion when we are talking about how to be a gentleman, old school is the real school, so I selected the most important ten rules, from “ How to be a real gentleman: A timely and detailed guide to timeless manners” by Thomas Nelson.

10 Eternal Truths of the Gentlemanly Life. A gentleman says “please” and “thank you” readily and often in his talks. A gentleman does not disparage the beliefs of others, whether they relate to matters of extreme faith, politics or sports teams. A gentleman always carries a handkerchief and is ready to lend it, especially to a weeping female, should the need arise.A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another person, male or female, young or old, absolute strange or longtime best friend.

Valentines Day Ideas

A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, neither does he find such jokes amusing.A gentleman knows how to stand in line and how to wait for his turn to come. A gentleman is always ready to offer a hearty handshake. A gentleman keeps his leather shoes polished and his fingernails clear and clean. A gentleman admits when he is wrong. A gentleman does not pick a fight. Remember valentines day ideas that the first reason for you to be a gentleman, is that you respect yourself. No matter what century or what society you live in, you don’t change because everyone does this. Be an example for the rest and not a sheep!I was in the car with a friend of mine, very interested in psychology, especially by the interactions between couples, but more by the events that happen to us when we feel attracted by someone, and suddenly started a love song. In his and other expert’s opinion, from what he told me, listening to a romantic song while gearing up for a night out, gives you better chances to hook up.

On Relationships and tips there is already an article about how a movie or song changes your mood in such a way that you feel more romantic and you expect to impress the girls with your words, while not taking into consideration the fact that the girl may be in a totally different mood or in a place that doesn’t fit the romantic quotes. .. so I will treat this subject from another point of view.

It is true that even a “bad girl” can be a romantic person and actually they really believe that about themselves… but, where’s the romance in a one night stand?  In conclusion, a romantic mood is not for a one night stand ( Maybe only if your life is almost like a Hollywood movie and you find a girl suffering, you impress her with romantic quotes and she jumps in your bed.

In this case, it is not about romance, it is just about a one night stand in disguise). Being romantic helps you build something, it really makes her fall in love with you if there are the proper circumstances… but this is about being sincere, about knowing each other and not about hocking up in a pub.Take precautions when being too sincere and romantic with someone, because you become vulnerable… so don’t you ever be like that because of a song, a movie or because of a night under the stars.

This should be a proof of confidence, like going to the next level. It is good to go sometimes by impulse when you feel secure, even if you don’t know the person… but remember, when the morning comes there is a new beginning and whatever her attitude will be, just feel good about that fact that you were sincere and be more careful the next time.  There are the men and there are the women, so, in general, there is the hunter and there is the prey. This is the way that nature works as clearly stated in valentines day quotes. The problem is that in love you may think you are the hunter and suddenly you are hunted.How does a smart woman hunt?   Firstly, you must know that the misconception of the woman who is always waiting for the man to do the first move, it is a complete failure… or do you believe in mind readers? It is not about who breaks the ice, it is about how you do it and when you do it.

A lady, a woman that believes in her sex-appeal, will show her intentions only by making small gestures, elegant ones. In this article I will only talk about the signs that she shows you before you start the conversation.    So, when she is talking to her friends, but she makes eye contact with you and makes it last one more second, don’t wimp out and pretend to look the other way.

Initiate a look back at her a few minutes later and casually smile… if her face brightens, then it is obvious that you attract her.    Once she is sure that has your attention, she will start to play with her hair, she will adjust her clothes, but this does not mean that she is doing it in a conscious way.

Remember she wanted you to notice her, so even if she knows that it is your turn to start a conversation, she is anxious about it and tries to take her mind off this feeling.    She will try to eclipse her lack of confidence by making jokes with her friends, by laughing more, by being more active then usually. Her unconscious mind is responsible for her acting like that, trying to make her feel more secure and also trying to make sure that you won’t take your eyes off her.

Whispering is also a good sign for you, you can’t lie to me, we all do it, when we think that someone is looking at us in an obvious way, we tend to talk tall and to make the persons next to us think that we are Casanova.    So, don’t expect her to come and start talking to you, you are no longer at high school when her friends were pushing and jostling, making her feel rather embarrassed then able to start a conversation with you.

And I’m not saying that it is a general truth, but in the majority of cases when she comes straight to you she is more likely to go for a one night stand.A smart woman shows you the way , gives you a sign, makes you want her… she is like a hunter who is setting traps, she is so good at this that you think she is the prey. Remember two things, most women make eye contact when flirting and if they like you, they will be as anxious as you are.

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Get ready to support your team in the PSL

Ever since the announcement of PSL has been made, people have been waiting with baited breaths for it to start. A lot of anticipation and excitement can be felt in the air and rightly so. It has been a long time since the people of Pakistan have had the chance to witness international cricket being played in their home ground. Ardent fans have found it to be rather exasperating. With the announcement of PSL, they have a chance to be more involved in the game. They can pick their favorite team among the participating ones and root for it.

Whether it is Peshawar Zalmi or Quetta Gladiators, whether we talk about Karachi Kings or Lahore Qalandars, each team has its own set of supporters. Some are supporting a particular team because it belongs to their city, while others prefer to support the team that has their favorite player. Whichever team they support, one thing can be said with certainty and it is that fans of cricket are up for an exciting time ahead.

You can also see people trying to make their own PSL match prediction. Panelists and experts of cricket are also discussing the same. Extensive and lengthy discussions are being held about which team has an edge over the others and has a brighter chance to win. While the debates might be backed by history and facts, the truth is that one cannot really rely on these Cricket Match predictions.

The format of a twenty-twenty game is such that there is no saying which team will be the winner till the very end. A single over can change the course of the game completely and thus, it is never a good idea to rule out a certain team simply because it was unable to perform in its previous matches. The twenty-over game format is all about performing well under pressure and adapting to the changing situations in a moment. It is the unpredictability of these games that appeal to people the most as they make people sit on the edge of their seats.

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When you require a bit of tweaking in your work

Academic writing is no easy feat. A lot rides on it since it has a critical impact on your overall grades. These writing projects have a role in deciding your future. Therefore, there is absolutely no room for mistakes. You need to strive to attain perfection. Often, there are instances when, while working on such a project, you end up having sentences or phrases that are similar to the ones you found on the internet. While it can be entirely unintentional, it can turn out to be detrimental for you, mainly because universities and colleges tend to be rather strict when it comes to plagiarism. You could land yourself in big trouble due to a little bit of negligence. So what should you do under the circumstances? You have worked hard on the project and you do not have the time to write the whole thing again. At such times, you will find an article spinner to be particularly helpful.

This service allows you to tweak your work a little bit. A bit of change in the phrases here and there and a change in the words is what it would do, giving you an article that would be devoid of any traces of plagiarism. The main crux of your work would remain the same. The quality would not be affected, and you would be able to save yourself from quite a bit of trouble. Furthermore, while making use of this service, you would be presented with a new way via which you could have approached the writing. This will enable you to learn new things that you can implement in your future projects.

There is no denying that via this service, you can attain quite a bit of ease and feasibility while writing. This is not limited to academic writing alone with article rewriter . This is one of those services that bloggers would find to be rather helpful as well. A different touch to writing is what it would offer you, which might turn out to be better than you expected.

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Living in Luxury

Every person desires for a home that is comfortable to stay in yet luxurious enough to show it off to others. The trend is common among people who are wealthy enough to afford a home designer for their house. However, ordinary people who are in the middle-class sector of the economy are unable to afford the high fees of a home designer, preventing their wish from turning into reality.

To provide benefits to the people who cannot afford a home planner and designer for their house, the internet has got something quite useful for them. Online home design service is an initiative that has been started for people to renovate their home as per the recommendations provided. There are various sites on the internet that provide information regarding the topic, but not all sites are likely to lead an individual to the best results. Only a few sites are expert enough to impart excellent information on the topic, one of which is Designer Shuffle.

Designer Shuffle

Designer Shuffle is the most amazing site for providing recommendations regarding home remodeling and designing. The site contains enough information for each and every corner of the room. Moreover, it contains a list of styles from which the viewers can pick and choose their favorite style and gain information regarding it. Some of the styles available on the site include:

  • Asian
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Eclectic
  • French
  • Traditional
  • Tropical
  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Rustic

The list is not comprehensive, which shows the wide variety of information that the site entails about home and its design varieties.  Moreover, location specific information, as mentioned above, can also be obtained from the site. The locations include:

  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Children’s room
  • Corporate office
  • Dining room
  • Entrance
  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Hallway
  • Guest room

The site contains furniture recommendations that may either be available locally or produced internationally. The furniture may require to be delivered via CourierPoint or any other service that helps send parcel UK to Canada or any other country to ensure the home is modeled in the perfect manner.  


The Design Shuffle is the best stop for people who wish to remodel their home with the best recommendations at the least possible cost. The website also contains videos for the convenience of its users and hence, is an advisor that comes free of cost.

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Choosing a Right Domain Name For Your Website or Internet Based Business

Website Design

Choosing a domain name for your ebusiness website is one of the most important steps in designing your website. This needs some planning and thought given to it. A domain name has three very important functions:It will be your address on the Internet. If you have a brick and mortar business looking to attract a larger region, it would be important for the name of the store name.

If you are a start up that will not be doing business in a brick and mortar store, a name that emphasizes your product or service is important. It will be the name your customers’ remember you by. Oftentimes, if your are a start up in a heavily competed product area, a catchy name could be remembered easily by your customers.

Website Design

If you have a hard to find product or service, it would be important to relate to that product or service. The search engines’ spiders use it to review your site and match it to your keywords. There are 18 search engines that receive over 90% of the search requests.

It is important to know that each engine has it’s own criteria for placing a relevant website on the search results page. One thing that they emphasize the most is your name and how relevant it is to the theme of the website.

If the primary purpose of your website is to advertise your existing brick and mortar store, then your domain name should be your existing business name.If you do not have a brick and mortar store and your primary purpose is to market directly on the Internet with a good website design setup, then you need to think of 2, not more than 4, “keywords” that describe your business. (A “keyword” can describe your business, product, or service. Keywords can be any combination of letters, phrases, or numbers.) How do you choose the “keywords” that are right for your name?

Site Build It! will walk you through developing 3 Site Concepts and then 5 topics per concept before deciding on which name will be the most valuable for your domain name.

You need to use powerful, active words that describe your website. Since competitors are just a click away, you need words that will attract and pull a prospect to your site just by describing what your site is about. Make Your Site Sell suggests that the best names are “simple, catchy, and fun.”

When you have come up with a domain name and want to see if it is already taken, NAMEBOY at is a good site to determine if it is already taken and they will also present you with alternate names for your consideration.

.com, .net, .org. What are these extensions all about and does it matter which I choose? Yes, you may not get the exact domain name you wish to have, but .com has the highest authority and is loved by google. That is where the competent, the large and the known websites are. That was the first one, still is. That’s just the way it is.

The next two (.net, .org) are gaining in popularity, but .com is where it is at for an ecommerce website. If you must, they will suffice, if nothing is available on .com. What if the name of the domain I want for my website designing project is taken, but not the same name with dashes? If your domain name is 3 or 4 words, dashes would make your name more readable. The search engines treat the dashes as spaces and they may recognize the words easier. So, if you are so inclined, go ahead.

Do not use dashes if your domain name has only two words in it, though, unless you must to capture the only good domain name for you. Some suggest that if you can get the domain name you choose without the dashes, but the same domain name is also available with dashes, register both.

Domain names are cheap today, and that will prevent someone else from taking that name, eliminating competition. Make one direct traffic to the other to get use from both.

You need to understand how to select your domain name and not just pick the first catchy name you think of. Domain name selection in Make Your Site Sell offers very sound advice and why there are certain things that you must do to optimize your site for the search engines.

Take your time on the domain name as the choice you make here can quite simply make or break your results you receive from the search engines.

There are many registration services. The price to register your domain name can vary from $8 to $35 depending upon the additional services that the registration service provides. Some offer value added services when you register your domain name with them.

When you subscribe to the  Site Build It! service, registration is included at no additional charge. Remember, it is important not to rush into this decision. Take your time . . .  Make the right decision for your internet based business, based upon initial preparation. Once done, you will have prepared your foundation properly. Now you can move ahead . . .

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Javed Chaudhry Column For the Betterment of the Country’s Economy

javed chaudhry urdu column

While many people complain about athletes being overpaid – and certainly the make a lot of money – at least in the case of baseball it would be hard to find too many professions where players’ net value was more carefully scrutinized with data.

Given the tremendous amount of performance data and analysis, we would have to imagine that baseball players, at least on a relative basis, are fairly compensated – at least to the extent we can use their past performance to predict future performance.One of my favorite concepts in baseball is VORP – Value over Replacement Player.

The idea behind is it pretty simple and powerful. It asks the question, how much value are we getting from our current starting player compared to a “replacement” level player –e.g. minor leaguer at the same position.  The point of the analysis is we should make our compensation decisions on the output gap between two players rather than the overall output of the players.

javed chaudhry urdu column

Ever since I have come across this concept, I have been trying to dream up ways you could apply it outside of sports.  What if we could somehow measure the contribution a CEO’s or executive team made to an organization and then could compare that to the contribution of say a mid-sized company (500-1000 employees)?  There were 100 CEOs with total annual compensation over $15 million in 2009/10. After reading javed chaudhry urdu columns zero point my question is, if I took the top-100 managers I could find willing to work for $1 million/year, would I significantly degrade the average performance of these 100 companies? Does the VORP of these CEO’s justify an aggregate compensation of $2.25 billion (these top-100 earned $2.35 billion) over the $100 million I would pay the hundred best qualified “replacement level” managers?I’m asking this question not because I know the answer, but because I don’t.

It’s undoubtedly complex to manage corporations that are global, have billions of dollars of revenue and in some cases 100s of thousands of employees.   It’s easy to argue that in a company with billions of dollars of revenue, making a mistake and underpaying a CEO to save money would be foolish and would make saving $15 or $20 million seem insane. And that, in the end, is exactly why executive salaries are as high as they are.

It’s the same principal that firms like Goldman use in the IPO market – who wants to get petty over a few million in a billion dollar transaction when the downside to not going with the best is so large? Many-a-house in the Hamptons were built on this principal, to be sure.I would argue that low wage workers are subject to the same types of data driven scrutiny that baseball players are.

The simpler the task, the more easily we can measure performance for it.  Data-driven measures (customer satisfaction, absenteeism, productivity) are widely used on the bottom-end of the wage scale in promotion and firing decision, which directly impact compensation (going up upon promotion, going to zero upon firing).

To be sure for line working and middle management positions, there is a huge supply of potential “replacement players,” to replace workers who don’t meet performance criteria.What could be keeping the wages as high as they are at the CEO level is likely viewing the supply of those capable of being a Fortune-500 CEO very narrowly;  Boards of Directors are typically very risk averse, and would be quite unlikely to hire a person who is not proven at the highest levels of corporate management.  This assessment of the supply of capable executives, may or may not be correct.What we would need to accurately assess after going in the details of zero point urdu columns by javed chaudhry a VORP for CEO’s are two things: an accurate assessment of top CEO’s current “value” to their company and a way to identify and predict the performance of the “replacement level CEO.” I think to gain proper assess a CEO’s value the most broad measure we could construct is some measure of industry adjusted long-term total return to shareholder.

 If they seemed to have a strong positive correlation then we would know the market had some efficiency to it. That wouldn’t answer our question totally, but it would be a start.  In fact, there have been a multitude of studies looking at CEO performance vs. compensation and there is only weak evidence for positive performance

What I have yet to find is one that tries to calculate the excess pay being wasted – it would likely be an underestimate anyways since we haven’t even considered the wider market for “replacement level” CEOs.

To do a good job of understanding the potential to fill roles with replacement value players we could also find the industry adjusted performance of small company CEO’s (I bet company size and CEO compensation are quite correlated) and then see how much industry adjusted TRS our lower group is contributing vs. their compensation.

Of course then we would need “league adjustment factors” to understand how much performance is degraded by moving up from the “minor leagues” (e.g. small companies) to the majors (“large companies”).So perhaps this is a beginning as to how you can look at VORP for CEO’s and the efficiency of the compensation market.


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